Listed below is the website to visit to view the cameras we installed.  You must use Internet Explorer and have a high speed internet connection.  If you have problems viewing the cameras through your PC, it could be caused by a compatibility issue in Internet Explorer.

Security Camera Access Instructions

ID:         stillforest
Password:     stillforest

1) Click “Login”

Once you login you will be in “Live View”.  The second button on the right will let you switch cameras.  From here you can also go into “full screen” by clicking on the last button on the bottom below the feed.  To get out of full screen you need to right click and de-select “full screen”

Click “Live View” on the left and you will see the different matrixes to choose from.  Click on “Multi Windows” and you can choose the cameras to view from the list on the top and see multiple feeds at one time.  If you double click on an image it will put it into “full screen” mode.
Listed below are Iphone/Droid settings to view the cameras we installed. I have attached instructions for the Iphone/Droid mobile device setup. Please be aware that it may take an extended period of time for the cameras to pop up on your phone or tablet.

Favorite Name: Stillforest
Port: 8866
ID: stillforest
Password: stillforest