Building Restrictions

Although properties in Stillforest are subject to the building codes and ordinances of Piney Point Village (“PPV”), Stillforest has its own set of deed restrictions and approvals that must be met in addition to any PPV regulations. In some cases, the Stillforest deed restrictions may be more restrictive than the corresponding PPV building codes or ordinances, and in those cases, the Stillforest deed restrictions must be met. You are encouraged to carefully read the requirements set forth in our deed restrictions, which you can find by clicking on the Deed Restrictions tab.

All construction, improvements or building projects on a Stillforest property, including fences, pools, sports courts, driveways, drainage plans, out buildings must be submitted in writing by the homeowner or their representative to the Stillforest Building Committee for approval prior to initiating any work on such project. Per our deed restrictions, the building committee has forty-five (45) days to approve or disapprove the plans submitted. Please note that the City of Piney Point Village will not issue a building permit without the prior approval of the Stillforest Home Owner’s Association building committee.

To obtain approval for a project please be certain to submit two full sets of plans or a detailed description of the work to be done (as applicable) to the Stillforest Building Committee. You can obtain contact information on the current building committee members by clicking on the contact us tab and requesting that information. Please also note that construction of a new residence requires the posting of a $10,000 bond to cover any incidental road damage caused during construction.

For new homes in the planning phase, you or your architect are encouraged to either meet with or discuss with a member of our building committee the set back requirements in the deed restrictions to ensure compliance and minimize delays.